Questions About Virtual Reality

I'm not a gamer, should I still try it?

Definitely! Not only are there many different games, there are also many different experiences. There are games and experiences for users of all interests. Each game and experience are interactive in a different way. With a library of 50+ titles, there is sure to be something for everyone.

Can't I just buy a virtual reality headset myself?

Yes, however the space and cost requirements can limit access to premium quality virtual reality for many. At Spectrum we are trying to grow the virtual reality industry with awareness and with accessibility. We offer a premium room scale virtual reality experience and a variety of content at an affordable price. The headsets in our arcade are not merely the headsets you strap your phone into. Room scale virtual reality allows users to move around in the virtual world, creating an endless number of possibilities for content.

Can I play games with my friends?

Absolutely! We have many multiplayer games available on each headset. There is only one headset per booth, so you will need a minimum of two booths to play multiplayer games.

Questions About Equipment and Safety

How will I know when I am next to a wall?

Don't worry! Users are alerted in-game as they reach real-life boundaries. Once a boundary line appears, stop your movements in that direction.

What do I have to wear to play?

High heels and other footwear that may cause damages to the padded flooring in the booth is not allowed in the play area. Users cannot play barefoot.

What are the physical limitations for using the virtual reality equipment?

For the best virtual reality experience, we recommend that users have full mobility of their head and neck and at least one hand. If you need special accommodations, give us a call and we will do our best to cater to your needs. If you have any preexisting medical conditions that affect your ability to perform physical activity, please consult with your physician before use.  

Do I need to take off my glasses to play?

Not at all, each headset piece is adjustable so that it allows a comfortable and secure fit for all users with or without glasses.

Will I experience motion sickness?

Those who are susceptible to motion sickness may experience motion sickness symptoms during virtual reality equipment use. We use the highest quality graphics cards to offer a premium smooth visual experience, however, if you feel any discomfort during your virtual reality session, we ask that you please inform a staff member immediately. 

What hardware is being used at Spectrum?

We use the HTC Vive headsets in our arcade. The Vive is the highest-quality virtual reality Equipment available to consumers. By using a head-mounted display, controllers and tracking sensors, the Vive enables users to move around the room and interact with the virtual environment. Our computers use some of the latest technology to allow for crisp graphics and precise movements. Our computers were put together here in Fort Wayne by FW PC GUY,

Questions About Procedures and Bookings

Is there an age limit to play?

Users of virtual reality equipment are recommended to be at least 8 years old and 48” tall. Users under 18 years old  require a signed parental form. Users 13 and up do not need to be accompanied by an adult but still require a signed parental form. This form can be found in the waiver section of this website. Parents can request for the titles available to be kid friendly.

What payment types are accepted?

We accept apple pay, android pay, visa, master card, american express, and discover card for online bookings. For in-store bookings and purchases we accept all of the above and cash. We also have e-gift cards available:

Can I cancel a booking?

Please call to reschedule or cancel a booking. A full refund will be given to any one that cancels at least 18 hours before their booked session. Guests can reschedule for free if we are notified at least 18 hours before their booked session. 

How early before my session should I arrive?

At least 15 minutes before, especially if this is your first visit. Arriving ahead of time will assure you receive your entire virtual reality session. We have to check that you signed the waiver and that everyone in your group is familiar with how to use the equipment. Everyone 18 and up will need to sign a waiver. Any minors will need to be filled in on a parent or legal guardian's waiver. 

How do I book a session?

Click the book now link at the top of the page or a book now button anywhere on the website. Follow the steps given on the link and book as many sessions as you wish. Fill out the waiver ahead of time to avoid the wait once you show up. Everyone 18 and up will need to sign a waiver. Any minors will need to be filled in on a parent or legal guardian's waiver.

Can I schedule a school field trip, birthday party, or corporate retreat?

These options may be available, please call (260)220-4552 or email us at for more information.