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What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality is a simulated environment that a user is completely immersed in through visual, physical, and audial stimulation. 

There really are no perfect words to describe the feeling of virtual reality without experiencing it for yourself. Upon donning the HTC Vive headset, you will be transported to another universe as you interact with the world in a whole new way. From wielding wands and swords to paintbrushes and spatulas, the action is in your hands. Everything you see and hear, from arrows whizzing through the air and the clashing of steel to serene mountainsides and the sweet sound of sinking that putt, you will feel immersed in a new world. With virtual reality, the possibilities become endless.

Who Can Experience Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality is the ultimate immersive experience. We offer virtual reality experiences that vary in both difficulty of play and age appropriateness. Our large library of content caters to all types of players. We recommend players be at least 8 years old and 48” tall to use the equipment. If you aren't sure if virtual reality is right for you visit our FAQ page or come sample with our "Introduction to VR" today.

Why Visit Spectrum?

During your visit to Spectrum, you can explore new worlds, defeat terrible foes, or simply immerse yourself in virtual reality. We provide the opportunity to experience quality virtual reality at affordable rates. By utilizing the latest technology and maintaining a wide variety of games and experiences, whether you're a competitive gamer or a casual player, Spectrum offers something exciting for everyone!